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As an Enterprise Software Development Provider with an extensive network of talented professionals with experience in all areas of technology, we can find the perfect person for your business in just a few minutes. Let us do all the work for you!

How It Works

When we pair solidified strategic planning with the best people for the job, your business wins. A project done in collaboration with Ledelsea will always hit the ground running. With an all-encompassing enterprise software development strategy and thorough consultant training, we supply you with the personnel who are equipped to help you surpass your business objectives and conquer any obstacles you face.

Creating Digital Cohesion

Our main objective is to connect technology with the core operations of your business to help you deliver on your most ambitious business objectives.

At Ledelsea, we combine innovative ideas with business knowledge and global technology teams to deliver tomorrow’s business solutions today. We’re innovators, designers, developers and strategists, and we’re transforming the industry.

  • A balance of proven and modern solutions
  • The ability to streamline your processes by applying innovative and emerging technology
  • A team of professionals who excel at connecting people, processes, and tools
  • The capability to solve not just today’s problems, but build flexible systems that are ready to address tomorrow’s

We craft our objectives based on your goals. This is all done through gaining familiarity with your business by observing data, customer patterns, and the obstacles that your business faces.


When forming a well-rounded strategy, we make sure that we examine both client and customer perspectives with design and UX to ensure your company’s presentation is effective as possible.


We examine every single possibility where technology can bring efficiency into your company’s daily operations. We have the capability to pinpoint solutions to the biggest issues facing your company.


Our consultants are trained to take the lead on projects that directly match the objectives your company sets out to achieve. Ledelsea and our consultants are equipped to help bring efficiency and prosperity to the clients we work with.

A Plan With Purpose

Whatever you need from a technological standpoint to propel your business forward, the experienced team at Ledelsea can help you find the solution you’re looking for. It’s a collaborative process that involves us getting to know your business and the scope of your goals. We then get to work on finding personnel that will help you drive performance in the desired area or project that you need assistance with.

How Will You Move Forward?

Our consultants are equipped to help your company achieve various objectives. Whether our consultants work with you on software, analytics, or strategic advisory, they’ll always be able to provide ideas and the proper execution needed to help you grow.

Dedicated and Efficient

Ledelsea works hard to help your business take on new endeavors as soon as possible by helping you formulate the best plan and effectively bringing the personnel you need to raise the bar.

Why Work With Us

Sustainable Solutions that Empower Mission Critical Initiatives.

Quality That You
Can Trust

We have a strong focus on quality in our projects to ensure we only deliver the best solutions.

IT Solutions That Work For You

We offer customized solutions that are tailored to your needs. Whether you need a consultant or an entire team, we'll find the perfect match for you.

A Partner That Goes Above And Beyond

We're your partner in success! We'll go above and beyond to help you find the perfect match for your project.

Clients & Partners

Clients that use our service to provide their customers with the best possible experience.

Exemplary IT Resource Partnerships: A Praiseworthy Experience with Ledelsea

I have worked with Ledelsea for several years and I would not hesitate to recommend their services. They have successfully employed many high-quality IT resources at all levels. They have been a key partner for us.

Project Manager

Seamless Success: A Journey with Ledelsea Consulting – A Warm Welcome to a New Career

I was looking for a change from my current job and a new consulting company, so one of my friends introduced me to Ledelsea. After going through initial meetings with team and the CEO, Uzair, I felt very warm and welcomed by them. The entire process of me looking for a new company, getting the job and starting work was just about two weeks. The entire journey of this process was so smooth and effortless. The entire team was very helpful with interview prep, mock interviews as well as onboarding in the new company. It is absolute a pleasure working with them.

Malika Modi

Exceeding Expectations: Unparalleled Technical Evaluations with Ledelsea

Ledelsea’s technical evaluation has truly been above any other vendor that we have worked with. I have great success with them. Their pre-qualification has helped us hire reliable resources, usually in the first interview.

Senior Director

Seizing Opportunities Amidst Uncertainty: My H-1B Visa Success Story with Ledelsea Consulting”

One of my friends introduced me to Ledelsea in 2021 and discussed the H-1B visa sponsorship program that they were offering. Amid COVID, I was a bit hesitant to take this opportunity. After doing my work and ground analysis and multiple meetings with Ledelsea, I decided to go ahead with them. The entire journey with Ledelsea was an absolute pleasure. The whole team was very helpful and responsible in all aspects, because of how organized they are. Moreover, immediately after landing in the USA, I was able to get a job of my liking. I will recommend Ledelsea to my family and friends.

Gokulram Balakrishnan

Frequently Asked Questions

A managed IT solutions company is a third-party organization that provides clients with a range of business technology services, including digital transformation, technical support, and cybersecurity, among others.

Providers of enterprise-managed IT services have the primary objective of proactively monitoring your company’s IT infrastructure, networks, and systems. Maintaining these aspects ensures smooth operations, minimizes downtime, and enhances overall efficiency.

Managed IT providers offer many services, from simple monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting to more complex aspects of operating your IT infrastructure, like cloud network management and auditing compliance.

The main difference between IT support and managed IT services lies in the scope and approach. IT support typically refers to assistance provided on an “as-needed” basis. Once the problem or the project resolves, IT support ends.

On the other hand, managed IT services are an “always on” service. It offers proactive, ongoing support and management of your entire IT system or a few handpicked aspects of your infrastructure.

A fully managed IT service is a comprehensive package where a provider takes complete responsibility for managing and supporting all aspects of your IT system from beginning to end. 

The following are some essential tasks a fully-managed IT service provider can help you with: 

  • IT planning
  • Network monitoring
  • Data backup
  • Help desk support
  • Security
  • Software and hardware management

Enterprise IT service providers are well-versed in multiple practices and disciplines, providing your business with the following benefits:

Expertise and specialized knowledge

Your company gains access to a team of skilled IT professionals with expertise in various areas, ensuring reliable and efficient management of IT systems.

Proactive maintenance and monitoring

With managed IT services, you can regularly monitor and maintain your IT networks and systems to identify and resolve issues before they cause major disruptions.

Enhanced cybersecurity

It is easier to implement robust security measures to safeguard your company’s IT systems against cyber threats and data breaches.

Predictable costs

Managed IT services typically operate on a contractual or subscription basis, requiring standard costs that make budgeting more manageable and predictable.

Scalability and flexibility

Enterprise managed IT service providers make it easy to scale your IT infrastructure up or down, increasing company agility.

Focus on core business functions

You can outsource crucial tasks to enterprise managed IT service providers, allowing your company to concentrate on business-specific processes while leaving IT responsibilities to experts.

Access to advanced technology

A managed IT service provider stays current with the latest technology trends. They can provide access to advanced tools and solutions that may otherwise be costly for your business to acquire and maintain.

There are three crucial components to managed IT services:

  • Infrastructure refers to the underlying foundation of hardware, software, networks, and facilities that enable the operation and management of your company’s IT system.
  • Platform is the technological framework that delivers, manages, and integrates different IT services and solutions.
  • Software includes robust digital programs that help carry out and enhance unique functions of your organization’s IT system. 

You can categorize enterprise managed IT services into three main tiers:

  • Lower-level – At this level, managed services comprise entry-level solutions for your company, such as standard IT maintenance and support. 
  • Mid-level – Mid-level managed services offer a broader scope than basic tiers. In addition to support and maintenance, this level provides monitoring and immediate issue identification and resolution.
  • High-level – High-level managed IT services provide everything offered in lower tiers, plus additional benefits such as analytics and communication services, to name a few.

Managed IT services pricing may vary depending on several factors:

  • IT infrastructure size and complexity
  • Service level
  • Number of users and devices that require support
  • Business needs


Once you’ve defined all the details regarding these factors, the enterprise managed IT service provider can offer customized pricing.

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