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Ledelsea Foundation

Before Ledelsea, in 2013, the company originally started as Maritz Consulting Group. The group started from humble beginnings in a small loft, but always envisioned growth and expansion. As time went by, the firm expanded far beyond its original business offerings. Founder and CEO, Uzair Mukadam realized that Maritz had outgrown its shell and it was time for a rebrand.

Image of Ledelsea CEO on Phone

While formulating a new name, Uzair reflected on his experiences growing up. Some of Uzair’s fondest memories revolved around his days on the sea. One of the vessels was called Ledelsea, was ahead of its time in strength, speed, technology, agility and size. The massive vessel represented the new coming of an age where technology was now the center piece of success and agility. Thus, while formulating a new company name that captured Uzair’s ambitious goals of being the center piece of success and agility, no other name suited the company except “Ledelsea”. Ledelsea, pronounced (leh-dell-sea), is of Norwegian origin, meaning management and direction. Today, Ledelsea offers IT recruitment services and technology implementation with industry-leading companies across the globe.

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