Road to Success

Ledelsea has been providing IT Services and Digital Strategies to a wide range of clients since 2013. In the modern era, we are a company, driven by a purpose that empowers people by helping them achieve their career goals. Ledelsea provides these services across a broad range of industries, including small, medium-sized firms, and Fortune 500 companies. In response to our great success, we are continuously expanding our business offerings by providing training & staffing, advisory & consulting, software development & implementation with 24-hour production support, and digital transformation. Our clients, consultants, and communities have benefited from our innovations, thought-leadership, and high-performing culture.

We are looking for talented individuals with analytical thinking, and a willingness to adapt and learn regardless of their backgrounds to help them launch a career in information technology. If you are thinking of getting a head start on your career before you graduate or if you are a veteran or a stay at home parent who is looking to re-enter the workforce or someone who is looking to switch careers, our Road-to-Success Program, would be the first step towards your professional journey.

With our Road-to-Success Technical Training Program (R2S), you can decide which technology stream you would like to go into when you start your career. We know what the best companies are looking for and the skills they expect from their employees. Our training programs are tailored to meet the market demands in order to give you an industry-relevant skill set.

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