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Cricket, Code, Community: Innovating Together.

About Tech Pavilion

At Ledelsea, we’re excited to introduce Tech Pavilion, a collaborative initiative designed to bring together individuals passionate about both cricket and technology. With our decade-long history of delivering top-tier IT services and our active support of the Minnesota Cricket Association, we aim to create a unique platform that fosters professional and recreational growth.

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Our Vision

To create a dynamic networking platform bringing together thought leaders and the cricket diaspora.

What We Do

Tech Pavilion is where cricket meets technology. We create opportunities for networking and information sharing among enthusiasts from both fields. Our initiatives include:

  • Roundtable Discussions: Engage in thought-provoking conversations with industry leaders and peers.
  • Cricket Events: Participate in and enjoy cricket matches and events, blending recreation with professional networking.
  • Social Gatherings: Join us for social events designed to expand your personal and professional networks.
 For Thought Leaders
  • Access to Diverse Perspectives: Engage with professionals from various industries and backgrounds.
  • Opportunities for Thought Leadership: Share your expertise and insights with a broader audience.
  • Networking with Industry Peers: Build connections with fellow thought leaders and industry experts.
For The Cricket Diaspora
  • Integration into Professional Networks: Connect with professionals who share your passion for cricket.
  • Exposure to New Ideas and Industries: Explore new opportunities and expand your horizons.
  • Community Building: Become part of a vibrant community that values both professional and recreational growth.

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